Who We Are

Kbd5 Agro Ltd company is an Agriculture knowledge-based company, wants to assist the interested persons to establish Agriculture as an Industry with highly profitable fruits and crops cultivation in Bangladesh soil, through importing seedling, plant materials or seeds from abroad where it is being grown and can be grown easily in our country. The company is guidedbydirect technical support of its highly qualified, renowned, senior Agriculturists, namely, Kbd Dr M A Karim, Kbd Dr M Rustom Ali, Kbd MdShariful Islam, Kbd Nazrul Islam and Kbd Salar E Zahan.

We 5 friends, BAU batch 1981, established the KBD-5 Agro Ltd. Company, to introduce commercial agricultures in Bangladesh instead of present traditional agriculture. Our purposes are to produce/cultivate only very high income generating cash crops as business ventures, for which our climates are very suitable and also these crops have both national and international demand. We want to change our present crop production into a business ventures like Vietnam. We can easily cultivate Dragon fruit, Avocado, Date palm, Persimmon, Coffee, Black pepper, Cashew nuts and many others very high income generating crops in different parts of the country. But due to lack of information and initiative, nobody is growing these crops, or growing very limited areas.

We can easily mass produce Industrial pineapple, sweet corn, Green house crops like Flowers, Melons, and salad crops. By growing these crops income could be increased dramatically, as for example, many peoples are producing Dragon fruits, from which easily earning Tk. 15 lakhs/acre. Income from Date palm will be even higher than 20 Lakhs per acre. Starting from 2015, we already succeeded to make an image of our KBD-5 Agro Ltd., as a pioneer in these fields. Many big companies, investors, progressive farmers,educated youths,Govt.Organizations and NGOs are following our ideology to grow these crops as business.

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